Refiner CX

Paper industry is known to be a high consumer of electrical power. There are many sections in a paper mills which consume very high electrical energy per MT of pulp processed. One such section is stock preparation where very high amount of power is consumed in the process called “Refining”.

“Refine-CX” helps in easy fibrillation and hence reduces power consumption. In addition, it enhances drainability of pulp and improves paper formation. It is a Biochemical based product which is non-toxic, non-pathogenic and biodegradable.

“Refine-CX” helps in opening up of the fibers, soften it and increase its permeability for easy fibrillation and hence reduces power consumption. The fibers become more flexible which helps in easy fibrillation and micro-fibrillation. Fibers get less cutting and more splits longitudinally by breaking the primary wall of fibers. This further helps in fibrillation of secondary walls and results in good micro-fibrillation.


Appearance Amber coloured liquid
pH 4.5 - 5.5
Solubility in water Freely soluble
Point of addition prior to refining where retention time is available.
Process parameters
Pulp pH 4.0- 9.0
Temperature 40 - 60°C
Rec. Dosage 100-150 g/MT of pulp
Retention Time 60 Min


  As a standard, it is available in 25/50 Kg. drums. IBCs or any other special packing can be arranged as required.


  Do not store under direct sun light.

  Storage area should be indoors and clean to avoid temperatures above 40°C.

  Any sampling from the drums/IBCs can be done normally by drawing out samples in clean jars.

  Shelf life, if stored properly, can be one year.